Psychiatric Services for Children & Adolescents

Children and Adolescent psychiatry can provide valuable help in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychological, psycho-somatic and neurological disorders that occur in childhood or adolescence.

Our primary goal is to provide our patients with child and adolescent psychiatric and psychology care based on the most current modalities. The patients and their parents or caregivers are our main focus.

We work with various modalities of behavioral therapy, depth psychology and systemic therapy. We will provide the utmost care for your child or adolescent, as it’s our main priority to make sure they receive top notch personalized treatment for their individual needs.

Children and Adolescent psychiatric evaluation is recommended in the following cases, among others:

  • Physical pain that cannot be explained by organic causes and therefore has its origin in psychosomatics.
  • Children and adolescents behave in a way that is atypical for their current developmental phase.
    (Symptoms such as fears, sadness and social withdrawal are more pronounced than in other children of the same age.)
  • Struggles with Social relationships with peers.
  • Self-harming or aggressive behavior.
  • Difficulty concentrating which results in significant poor school performance.
  • Excessive absences from school or training/work.
  • Behavioral problems that seem to be chronic and on-going over a long period of time.

Process of Children and Adolescent psychiatric diagnostics

1) Every child and adolescent psychiatric evaluation begins with a detailed conversation with the child or adolescent and the caregiver. In addition to the current issue, we take into consideration the patient’s developmental history. An initial conversation with the caregiver(s) can be held privately in the absence of the child or young person upon request. 
2) Once the initial consultation is completed, a follow up appointment will include a psychological evaluation, which includes the child’s linguistic and cognitive development skills. 
3) Another follow up appointment will be made to discuss the results, which may include a recommendation(s) for any further diagnostic testing necessary. 
4) After receiving a diagnosis, we create an individual therapy treatment plan with the caregiver and with the child or young person, if necessary. Transparency and consent are important for the success and comfort level for the child or adolescent receiving on-going treatment.

  For the initial consultation and test diagnostic appointments are 90-120 minutes. Follow-up appointments usually last 40–50 minutes


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